Change your bank card details

When you select or add a payment method, Amazon saves it to make your next purchases easier. If you wish to modify or no longer save the coordinates of a card, this is entirely possible.
No longer save a card
To avoid saving a card on the Amazon website, simply do not check the “save this card for my next orders” box at the payment stage. If this card is already registered, you can delete it. To stop pre-registering a payment method, please follow the following steps:
1- Go to the payment stage of an order and click on your saved card
2- On the pre-recorded map, click on the cross at the top right
3- Tap the Amazon logo at the top left of the page
You will arrive on the homepage and your card details will be removed from our site.
Updating Favorite Map Coordinates
You can also add an additional card and mark it as your new preferred payment method. The method to make this change is to place a new order. When selecting the payment method, you have the option to add a credit card.
Once this new card has been added, it will become your favorite payment method, if you check the “remember this card for my next orders” box. Amazon will subsequently store the details of the previously used card, in case you want to use it again.