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Are you still looking for the last Christmas gifts or your holiday outfit?
In order to receive your order in time for Christmas, we advise you to place your order before 00:00 on Monday December 18th.
If you choose Express Delivery or are a Amazon Plus member, you can place your order until December 21, 00:00 at the latest.
Please note that this only applies to items sent by Amazon, we cannot guarantee the same delivery time for partner items and long distance deliveries.
To find out the delivery times for a partner item, we invite you to check the delivery time when placing your order. You can also see on the product page whether the item is sold by Amazon or by a partner.
We do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible, however we are very busy during these holiday periods.
The delivery date of your package has been communicated to you in your confirmation email.
You will receive an email as soon as your package leaves our warehouse. If your tracking link works, no worries! Your package will be delivered on time.
Our customer service does not have any more information regarding your order tracking link.
We thank you for your understanding and wish you happy holidays!