Why can't I pay with my credit card?

If you are unable to make purchases on Amazon with your credit card, your card may need to be activated using the new 2-factor authentication, also known as “Strong Customer Authentication”. customer (SCA)”
What is 2-factor authentication, and why do I need to use it?
The European Payments Regulatory Services (PSD2) are changing the methods of verification and validation of online payments. To make online shopping even safer, in 2021 additional validation will be required to pay by credit card.
How to use 2-factor authentication?
The new 2-factor authentication requires activation by the bank that issued your credit card. The authentication process may vary depending on the bank, we cannot give you a precise explanation on our site. For example, 2-factor authentication can be a fingerprint on your bank's application or an SMS containing a password to be provided on the application.