Why is my preferred payment method not available?

We are sorry if your preferred payment method is not available for your order.
With certain payment methods, in particular deferred payment payments, we take the financial risk of offering you a trial before purchase service. That's why we check the risk of every transaction to ensure security for you and us.
Certain situations may influence the availability of payment methods. For example, if the delivery address and billing address do not match due to typos, changes of address, last names or if you have chosen a collection point for your delivery. Another reason may be that you still have open invoices with us. Even if you have already transferred the money or made a return, we may not have processed it yet.
However, we appreciate your understanding that some payment methods may involve higher costs or risks. Like other platforms and businesses, we use independent credit reporting agencies to ensure the security of transactions and we reserve the right to refuse a payment method for certain orders (you will find more details in our conditions general).
Our customer service team has no way of changing the payment methods offered to you upon validation of your order and, to preserve the confidentiality of your data, we are unable to know exactly why a payment method is not offered.
If your preferred payment method is not available, we apologize in advance. You will still be able to use all of our other services and can choose one of the other options, all of which are free.